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Events & Gala

Whether you are looking to create a video to showcase at your work during the event, or want to capture the event in action, we’re here to help.

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We’ll work with you prior to your event to ensure understand your needs and goals. Together we’ll create a video that explains your work, impact, and more. Examples include:

  • Year Recap & Impact

  • Fundraiser/Fund-A-Need Videos

  • Special Messages from Leadership, Award Recipients, or those who could not attend in person.


We'll travel on-site, capture your event, and produce a highlight video/sizzle reel of your gala, party, or fundraiser. Uses include":

  • Enticing people to attend next year’s event.

  • Capturing important messages or speeches.

  • People love revisiting good times, so why not let them have one?

  • And all those people who missed out....can now see what they missed!